Girls In

The Line Up


Girls In the Line Up is an after school program girls. Our vision is:

To Cultivate on Authentic, Diverse, Self Determined Sisterhood dedicated to community well being, Globally, Locally, Personally.

Community Voices:

The Program:

Girls in the Line Up is a sports based after school program for Intermediate & High School girls.

The Details:

Who:  All school aged kids who personally identify as female (or any variation of that) are invited to this sports based empowerment program. You may come from any school and any background and do not need to know how to swim or surf to participate. 

What: Girls in the Line Up uses sports and movement to give girls a space to create a sisterhood and connect to their own sense of self, purpose and community. Sports will be Water and Land based, with emphasis on Water sports such as Swim, SUP and Surf. 

The Girls will learn many skills during the course of our program. We are focused on using sports and fitness as an avenue for personal growth and community connection. Each program week day, the girls will go through a fun, safe and educational workout routine.  ALL FITNESS LEVELS ARE WELCOME, NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. After each session, the girls will get together and cover topics with their mentors such as How our bodies work, how to push past comfort zones, how to work through conflict, how to speak up for yourself, how to set and accomplish goals, how to be a leader and many more topics. Other physical skills that will be taught include; Swimming, Ocean Safety, First Aid and CPR. Our vision is to give girls a place to get real about themselves, each other and the world they live in. For detailed curriculum, please email us. 

The last Sunday of each month will be water based. We host a community wide Girls Beach Day. Girls will spend time learning or refining a water sport skill such as surfing, windsurfing, body boarding or SUP./Canoe paddling. Girls in the program will also serve as leaders during community days, helping guide younger girls and helping new girls to the program.

We work with professional athletes and women from diverse backgrounds to offer and large pool of mentors for the girls to learn from. These women will come in at various point of the program to teach specific skills and facilitate important conversations. 

When: Mon:/Wed @ 330.  Last Sunday of each month. (NOTE: Mon: Elementary Girls (8-12 yrs). Wed: Teen Girls (13-18).

Where: Our program HQ is at The Office, 250 Alamaha, Kahului. We will meet at various locations for Girls Beach Day. 

Cost: $5/session - Scholarships are available


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